moose-guyJoe Veiga, Founder and President of Moose Cleaners, created the first Moose Cleaners in May 1995. Since then, Moose Cleaners has created a hoofprint all over central Arkansas, with locations in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle and Sherwood and we are continually looking for better locations to serve you. Our commitment to give our customers the best value for quality professional dry cleaning services, while maintaining our price of $2.99 for any garment dry cleaned and pressed.

We have made it a point to continually invest in our business and make improvements to our locations in an effort to better serve our customers. We relocated our main plant in 2002, moving from our old 4,000 square foot warehouse to our current facility with more than 8,000 square feet.  In 2014, we added an automated assembly system that uses a bar-code on every garment to ensure accuracy and help get the clothes back to our customers as soon as possible. We reached a major milestone in 2004 by cleaning over 1,000,000 garments that year alone. Your word-of-mouth “Moose Calls,” so-to-speak, are the reason for all our success. You are our biggest cheerleaders. So, to all our customers who have made our business thrive in this community we are truly humbled. You have our heartfelt thanks!

 Making the Moose

 So you might wonder, why a moose? Well, I am glad you asked. There are a lot of endearing qualities a moose has that are applicable to dry cleaning. A few examples of why a Moose fits our goals in making you a happy, life-long, customer:

  1. A moose has long antlers, to fight off stains, and to defend your clothes integrity against blemishes and unwanted button breaks. Plus, those things are great for hanging a ton of shirts on!
  2. Moose have a large hoofprint, they are BIG and can be seen anywhere and everywhere. You need a dry cleaner with multiple convenient locations. Moose Cleaners makes it a point to provide the closest reach to it’s customers.
  3. They travel in herds with their closest friends and family. You deserve a family experience where those serving you know who you are and what you need, even what you expect, and in most cases exceed your expectations!