People often bring their clothes to dry cleaners when the clothes are too delicate for them to wash on their own, or there are special instructions to care for them better. They do that to keep these clothes in the best condition possible. However, another often-overlooked part of garment care is choosing the right hangers.

When you bring your clothes to a dry cleaner, you might have observed how you will receive them hanging on a wire hanger. While that can be fine, especially when you are only transporting your clothes to your home, other types of hangers would help your clothes in their best shape. Use the right kind when you store them inside your closet.

Here’s a dry cleaning after-care guide for you:

For Your Wrinkle-Prone Clothes: Use a Satin Hanger

If you have a lot of clothes with wrinkle-prone fabrics, you might be wondering how to protect them from being crumpled up in your closet. A satin hanger is the right option for you. Made of metal, this type is hard to break. And since it is made of thin material, the shape and wrinkles of your clothes are preserved as you hang them.

For Your Delicate Clothes: Use a Velvet Hanger

The velvet hanger is well-known for its durability. It can shield clothes from dust and fabric-eating moths. If you have a lot of delicate clothes to hang, you can use a velvet hanger to protect your clothes from damage. A velvet hanger is also essential when hanging clothes prone to shrinking.

For Your Suits, Coats, and Other Heavy Garments: Use Wood Hangers

If you have to hang heavy garments like coats and suits, it would be good to use wood hangers.

Wood hangers will keep clothes’ shoulders in the correct position. Not only that, but they also prevent clothes from being scratched or dented. For clothes with silk fabrics, wood hangers are also necessary.

For Knits and Evening Wear: Use a Padded Hanger

If your clothes are made of knits, or your clothes are evening wear, then you should switch to padded hangers. Padded hangers keep the shape of your clothes. They also help keep your clothes from shrinking.

For a More Affordable Option: Use a Plastic Tubular Hanger

If you are tight on cash, you can use this option. You can use a plastic tubular hanger for all your garments. However, you should make sure that your clothes are not heavy. Also, this kind of hanger doesn’t typically last long.

Why Bring Your Delicate Clothing to Dry Cleaners?

Saving money is not the only thing you do when bringing your clothes to the dry cleaners. You make sure that you are taking care of your clothes in the best way possible. When you bring your clothes to the dry cleaners, you give them the full attention they need.

Clothes are delicate, and when you have to transport them from one place to another, you can seriously damage their shape. Additionally, if you know that the fabric of your clothes is prone to wrinkling, you might want to hand them over to the professionals. Dry cleaners are equipped with the right tools and expertise to help your clothes. When you bring your clothes to the dry cleaners, you can rest assured that your clothes will come out of the shop in pristine condition.


We all want to save money and time. But we also want our clothes to stay in mint condition. And that is possible with the help of dry cleaners. Dry cleaners can help you save money, but they can also help your clothes. When you don’t have to worry about your clothes anymore, you can focus more on your daily tasks.

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