You probably have things you only wear sometimes, so you save room by keeping them until the next season arrives. As a result, you must carefully keep these items ready to wear when needed.

So, if you want things easier for yourself, here are five practical storing methods for dry-cleaned clothing:

1. Use a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Before Storage

Just because you don’t plan to wear it now doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep your dry-cleaned clothing fresh. To avoid wrinkles and odors, avail of dry cleaning services before you store your clothing. 

Furthermore, check out dry cleaning stores that offer a pickup and delivery option. You may also ask your dry cleaner if they can arrange a seasonal pickup and delivery to assist you in keeping your garments in good condition.

2. Seal and Store Clothes Properly

You want to make sure you’re using the right storage system for your dry-cleaned clothing. Once you’ve cleaned and folded your clothes, сheсk out the different storage options to see which one is right for you.

Ensure you’re using a specifically designed container for dry-cleaned clothing, so your clothes don’t get wrinkled or damaged. 

3. Choose a Temperature-Controlled Storage Space

You should keep your dry-cleaned clothes clean, dry, and safe from pests. You want your clothing to keep looking good for as long as possible. So what you can do is find temperature-controlled storage units to protect your items.

With the right temperature, уоur clothing won’t be damaged or ruined. 

4. Storing Clothing on Hangers

You can fit more clothes on hangers than you can if you’re just storing clothes in a bin. Also, you want to make sure the hangers are covered, so they’re not accumulating dust and bugs.

It is excellent to use hangers as they can сonvеrt other space-saving options into common storage space. And it’s great if you’re able to use them on your existing rack.

5. Use Garment Nets 

Garment nets are also a great way to store clothes. It’s excellent for hanging clothes with delicate embellishments like pleats or tucks. You should ensure that the clothing net is well-made and durable.

You don’t want your clothes to rip, become damaged, and start to fall apart before you wear them again. So take the opportunity to find and buy some garment nets for your dry-cleaned goodies.


The lifespan of your clothing depends on proper cleaning and storage. Make sure that you only use dry-cleaning if the garment calls for it. In addition, safely store your garments in a mold-free closet, and away from direct sun exposure to keep them looking like new for longer. 

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