Dry cleaning allows people clean clothes and fabric materials using little to no water. Usually, this method is used for clothing that cannot withstand the standard home washer and dryer. In this method, the best qualities of the fabric will be protected, preventing them from shrinking and stretching.

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How Does Commercial Dry Cleaning Work?

To help you learn more about a good dry cleaning service operates, here are the basic steps of how the process works.

1. Garment Tagging

The cleaning process starts as soon as the garments are brought to the dry cleaning store. At this point, the garments will be tagged. In this process, the garments are grouped and identified. They will record the customer’s name, contact information, and the type of material used on the garments.

2. Garment Inspection

Next is the garment inspection. In this process, the cleaning technicians will physically check the garments for stains, tears, and other signs of damage. You will be informed about possible added costs or receive the garment back if they are not salvageable.

3. Pre-treatment of Stains

Cleaners may use pre-treatment depending on the type of stain and the garment’s fabric. If a type of stain is too stubborn for cleaning, for instance, then it may need a pre-treatment. This is usually done before the dry cleaning process because the stain may cause discoloration and damage to the garment if it is not handled correctly.

4. Machine Dry Cleaning

The majority of the commercial dry cleaning process is machine dry cleaning. In this process, the cleaning technicians will place the garments inside a cleaning machine. This machine is equipped with a heating element to help clean the garments. This machine will also help remove all particles that the cleaning liquid cannot remove.

The cleaning liquid, which is a mixture of water and chemicals that help remove stains, is sprayed on the garment. The pressure from the cleaning machine helps the cleaning liquid absorb deeply into the fabric. This helps remove all of the stains from the fabric.

5. Post-treatment of Stains

The garments are then taken out of the dry cleaning machine. In this stage, the garments are inspected once more to see if the stains have been removed or reduced. Hand dry cleaning may be used to help remove stains that have not been removed during the machine dry cleaning process.

6. Ironing

In this step, the technicians will use an iron to smooth out any wrinkles. This process will help make the garment look as new as possible.

7. Inspection and Delivery

After the dry cleaning is finished, they will inspect the garments to ensure that the entire cleaning process was finished with the best results possible. You will be notified about any added fees, or you will be able to pick up your garments and see the finished product.

Final Thoughts

Commercial dry cleaning can be helpful to those who want to protect fabrics from shrinking, stretching, and discoloration. This is a great way to protect your garments from damage and to keep them looking as new as possible for longer periods.

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