There are some pretty common myths about dry cleaning, and you probably hear them all the time. But how true are they? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking myths are true. They seem plausible and could be logical. Some myths might have you confused, causing you to think they’re true.

This post will look at some of the most common myths about dry cleaning, giving you the facts so that you can decide for yourself.

Dry Cleaning Leaves a Strong Odor

Those who’ve never had dry cleaning done before, or only have it done occasionally, might believe that the smell of dry cleaning is caused by the process. Actually, there’s a myth about that process as well–that it uses toxic chemicals. In fact, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways of cleaning clothes.

While it’s true that clothes smell like dry cleaning fluid when they come out, that smell doesn’t remain on the clothing after it dries. It’s caused by the fluid that’s used to clean the clothing, which is a combination of water and low levels of perc, a cleaning agent derived from petroleum.

Dry Cleaning Uses Harmful Products

This is definitely not true. As mentioned, dry cleaning is an eco-friendly way to clean clothing. It uses non-toxic pretreatment and solvent-cleaning fluids, and the process is considered a green alternative to water-based laundry detergents. Dry cleaning uses a solvent that removes soil and stains without using water.

Dry Cleaning is Expensive

Dry cleaning may seem expensive, but the fact is that it can be cheaper than washing clothes at home. It’s certainly cheaper than buying new clothes every time they get dirty.

The cost of dry cleaning will depend on what you have dry cleaned, how often, and how soon you need your clothes back. Some people dry clean everything, while others dry clean only the items they don’t want to wear while they’re dirty or in the laundry.

Dry Cleaning Fades the Natural Color of Clothes

The process used in dry cleaning uses carbon dioxide gas to remove stains and clean clothes without water. The carbon dioxide is filtered out, leaving clothing fresh and clean without fading the colors.

Washing clothes in water, by contrast, causes clothing to fade and become dingy over time.

Dry Cleaning is not Necessary for Formal Clothes

While you can get away with occasionally wearing a formal outfit without dry cleaning it, you shouldn’t. Regular washing can cause chemicals and sweat to break down the fibers of formal clothes. Dry cleaning, while not absolutely necessary, keeps your clothes looking new.

Dry Cleaning Ruins Clothing

Often, clothes are dry cleaned for reasons other than cleaning. You might have a stain that you can’t get out yourself, and you want to preserve the integrity of the garment. Dry cleaning keeps the garment from fading and wearing out, and it can also be a good idea to have clothes professionally cleaned before putting them in storage.

The Bottomline

There are lots of myths surrounding dry cleaning. Many people don’t even think about it or know much about it. If you don’t know much about dry cleaning and you’ve never had your clothes professionally cleaned, you might be surprised at how easy and efficient this process is.Dry cleaning can protect the natural fibers of your clothes, which might otherwise fade or wear out. It’s also a good alternative to water-based detergents and is safe for the environment. 

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