Everyone has that trusty pair of jeans because they are comfortable and stylish. The question now is, how do you take care of them. Should you wash it yourself? Or should you send them to the dry cleaners?

This blog will answer the age-old question of how to care for your jeans. Take this time to find out how. You will see that your pants will last for a long time.

Dry Cleaning Is Gentler Than Conventional Machine Washing

Considering its seemingly tough makeup, we think it is alright to machine wash our jeans. However, this will lower our jeans’ lifespan. On the other hand, dry cleaning is gentler than conventional machine washing. It is not a real washer, but it uses the same principles. 

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that uses carbon tetrachloride, which effectively removes stains. The solvent can dissolve and remove the dirt, oil, and grease from the fabric used in dry cleaning. The dry cleaners can thoroughly clean your jeans without destroying them.        

It Is More Effective

If you wash your jeans, there is a chance that the dirt will end up in the fabric. What is worse is that it will make your clothes look old and unattractive. The stains, especially oil and grease, will be more difficult to remove when washing them. All this may cause your pants to look like they will never be good as new.

Even if you put your jeans on after washing, the soapy smell may be difficult to go away. It will stick to the fabric and sweat and food smells. This scent may lead you to wash them often, which will affect the color and finish of the jeans. Furthermore, the washing machine and dryer may also remove the color from your pants.

The washing machine may not be able to remove stains from jeans, so you will have to iron them afterward. To maintain the color, you need to wash your jeans separately or with other dark or black clothes. If you need to wash your jeans, you should clean them when they are still new.

How to Wash Your Jeans at Home

If you cannot take your jeans to the dry cleaners, there is no need to fret. Washing your pants at home can be simple, but it will take some time. To get your jeans as clean as possible, you should follow the steps below.

Use Cold Water: If you do not want to ruin your jeans, you should use cold water to wash them. The cold water will not remove the dye, so you can ensure that the color will not fade. Remember, washing your clothes in hot water will cause color fading. The hot water can also cause shrinkage.

Use Gentle Detergent:  You should use a soft detergent to wash your jeans. Please do not use harsh detergents or bleach because it can cause damage.


If you are a person who loves jeans and you want to keep them longer, you should take great care of them. This TLC will maintain its original color and texture. You can always send them to the dry cleaners to extend their life. But you can also wash them yourself. Just ensure that you use a small amount of detergent and a cool water wash.

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