Understandably, women take their wedding gown straight to the dry cleaners if they find a stain. However, what are the other fabrics that need special care?

This question has been in everyone’s mind for quite a while. If you are asking this one, you should stick around. This blog will finally answer one of life’s biggest mysteries. 

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Before we answer that question, let us define what dry cleaning is. Our fashion-savvy readers might consider it a no-brainer. But it never hurts to clarify!

It is a cleaning process that uses chemicals rather than water. The method of dry cleaning is often used on clothes made of natural materials like linen and silk.

Dry cleaning treated clothes with an oily finish, like wool coats and suits. The process involved dipping the clothes in cleaning fluid and then removing the liquid by pressing the clothes under a powerful vacuum.

In today’s world, dry cleaning is generally used to restore the shape of a garment and remove odors, spots, and wrinkles. Dry cleaners usually do not use water at all.

In most cases, dry cleaning is less abrasive than standard washing. It is generally considered safe to have all types of fabrics dry cleaned. Here are some examples:


As mentioned earlier, silk needs to be dry cleaned. It is easy to clean and maintain, but it is also easy to damage. Sometimes, you may rub silk with fine cloth, but still see the fabric deteriorate.  

That is why it needs special treatment to preserve the fabric. Some silk clothes can be machine-washed but only on a gentle cycle. It would be even better if you would hand-wash the piece of clothing.


Linen can be resistant to water, but the fabric is highly absorbent, and stains can be really tough to get rid of if you cannot take them out immediately. The material is also too delicate to withstand the roughness of a washing machine, so that you may ruin the fabric.

Be sure to check the care label before washing linen. If the product is machine-washable, use the gentlest cycle possible, and clean the clothing together with similar colors. It would be more prudent to take it to the dry cleaners to be safe.  

Suede and Leather

Both suede and leather can be dry cleaned. It is far better than washing them at home. You may accidentally damage the delicate material and ruin it for good.

Suede is a material that can be created from both animal and synthetic fibers. Leather refers to any material made of animal hide. Both materials are coarser and more durable than silk, linen, and other fabrics.  

They can withstand the abrasiveness of the dry cleaning machine. However, they are still vulnerable to water and moisture. They need to be thoroughly dried after washing or develop mold or mildew.


Hopefully, this blog sheds light on the much-debated question of dry cleaning. You may even discover that dry cleaning is not only good for some materials. It would be best if you have a fashion question or opinion to share. 

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