Whether this is your first time using a dry cleaning delivery service or you regularly have your clothing dry cleaned, you may still have some questions about how to prepare your clothing. 

To ensure that your dry cleaning order is appropriately cleaned and comes back undamaged, follow these tips:

1. Collect the Clothes That Need to Be Dry-Cleaned 

The most important thing is to decide which clothes you want to dry clean.

Dry cleaners use specialized cleaning agents to clean, deodorize, and remove stains from your clothing. With this in mind, ensure to review the care instructions for a specific garment before deciding on whether or not to dry clean it. Not every piece of clothing will take well to the chemicals used in dry cleaning.

2. Empty All Pockets

If you have any essential valuables in your pockets, it is good to remove them before putting your clothing into the laundry bag. It will help you avoid any potential damage to your valuable possessions.

Pockets can harbor a lot of unwanted items and lint from clothing. Before sending them in, you must remove all the coins, keys, and other things inside.

3. Write Down and Mark All of the Stains That Need to Be Cleaned Up

If you want your dry cleaning to come back with all the stains removed, you need to fill out a form and stick it on the outside of the dry cleaning bag. 

It will tell your dry cleaners what they need to do if your item has special instructions. You can also use symbols, such as an asterisk, to request that the dry cleaners use their best efforts to get stains out.

The more information you can provide about your cleaning service, the better off your clothes will be.

4. Check If Any Buttons Are Missing or If Any Other Issues Need to Be Resolved

Give your garments a once over, looking for missing buttons and other problems. The dry cleaning delivery service can fix issues, so let the company know if you find anything wrong. You can include a note with your dry cleaning that provides instructions.

5. Place Your Garments in the Laundry Bag

Put your clothes into the laundry bag. It would be best to place your clothes inside the bag neatly and flat. You can set your clothes in one at a time or put all of them in at once. This will depend on the type of garment that you are dry-cleaning.

6. Bring Your Clothes to the Drop-off Location on Time

Lastly, you should bring your clothes to the drop-off location within the appropriate time. You can find out what that period is by checking out the website of your dry cleaning delivery service. 

This will give you the best time to schedule your laundry, but it will also prevent you from wasting time going to the shop and finding out it is already closed.


Hopefully, this information helped you get your clothes ready for dry cleaning. You can feel confident knowing that the dry cleaners will do their best to get your garments looking their best.  

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