Wool clothing is a winter wardrobe essential. And just like your other garment, it needs proper cleaning to keep it clean, fresh, and stain-free. 

Wool clothing is incredibly durable and hard-wearing, but it is also very delicate. The fabric absorbs stains like a magnet, and it is vulnerable to yellowing and fading, especially in winter. While it is possible to wash wool clothing at home, most people recommend dry cleaning it instead. 

Dry cleaning will help prolong the life of your wool clothing. So, if you want to keep your wool clothing looking fabulous, you’ll need to make sure that you dry clean it on a regular basis.

Before you head to the dry cleaner, however, make sure that you know the benefits of spending some extra money on dry cleaning your wool clothing.  

1. Keeps Your Wool Clothing for Longer

When you leave your clothing to stew in its own dirt and grime, you run the risk of discoloration, fading and yellowing. The worst part is that these damages won’t happen overnight. They will happen over a long period of time, so you might not even notice that your clothing is starting to fall apart.

Dry cleaning will help to keep your clothing looking great for a lot longer, which means it will need less frequent replacements. You’ll be able to keep one suit for 10 years instead of buying a new one every year.

2. Prevents Fading Over Time

Over time and with extensive wear, the color of your wool garment is going to start to fade. When this happens, you’ll notice a dramatic change in the appearance of your clothing. While you can restore some of the color by using a commercial washer, this process takes a lot of time.

By choosing to dry clean your wool clothing, however, you can avoid fading altogether. Dry cleaning will remove any stains and keep your clothing looking fresh and new, even after years of use.

3. Keeps Your Clothing Stain-Free

Dirt and grime will inevitably stain your wool clothing as you wear it. The problem is that these stains will not come off just by throwing your clothing in the washer, even with stain removers.

Some stains might not come out at all, so you’ll need to choose other options – like dry cleaning – to get rid of them. Dry cleaning will clean your clothing deeply and remove any stains that might affect the quality of the fabric.

4. Ensures Your Clothing Doesn’t Smell

Wool clothing tends to smell a little musty even when it is clean. This is because it’s very absorbent. However, this smell can be more than off-putting when it is left for too long. It can be downright offensive.

Dry cleaning your wool clothing will help to keep the smell at bay. It will also leave the scent of dry cleaning fluid in place of a musty odor. This will help you to avoid any embarrassing situations.

5. Prevents Damage to the Washing Machine

Wool clothing is delicate, and it can tear and rip very easily. You might not even notice this as it’s happening, but you’re going to be left with a shredded mess before you know it.

The washing machine puts a lot of strain on your clothing, which means that it is more likely to tear. Dry cleaning will help to save the life of your wool clothing by removing any stains and dirt, so it will last a lot longer.


If you want to keep your wool clothing in good condition, you should consider dry cleaning it on a regular basis. It’s the perfect choice if you want to keep your clothing looking fabulous and new.

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